Hi! I'm Mayumi (she/her). Thanks for visiting my website.

I'm a freelance frontend developer. Feel free to comment on my posts or contact me!

What I'm passionate about besides web, are traveling, languages and watching sumo. I'm always a lonely planet backpacker, and have been to over 20 countries.



  • jQuery

  • PHP

  • React

  • Python

  • Gatsby

  • NextJS

  • Astro

  • WordPress

Recent works

Un portal site about making your original T-shirts (Japanese only).

A blog run by a friend of mine (Japanese only). Using WordPress as a headless CMS. It'easy to edit because the editor is Gutenberg. * However, all Gutenberg/theme functions can't work as you can imagine.

The design is almost full adapted from WordPress repository theme Arkhe. * Update on WordPress side doesn't work at Gatsby side of course.

Being migrated from WordPress + WPML, this website is run in multi-languages (English and Japanese for the moment).

Customizing Gutenberg Editor, or sending a newsletter at the same time as posting an article. * I stopped making WordPress sites now.

This website

  • Gatsby + Markdown

I first developed this website with NextJS in September 2022, then rebuilt it with Gatsby in May 2023. Hosted by Cloudflare Pages.